Penny Hot Springs

The Penny Hot Springs sit on the banks of the Crystal River, a short drive south from Carbondale. Sitting at the mouth of the Narrows, a granite section of the canyon cut by the Crystal River, they are easily found at a large parking lot on the east side of Highway 133, a few hundred feet north of mile marker 55. The springs are named for Dan Penny, who kept a small hotel on the railroad line upstream of Avalanche Creek.

Some Tips to Enjoy your Hot Springs Visit:

  • How to Find: Penny Hot Springs is located 3.2 miles north of the main (south) entrance to Redstone on HWY 133. Look for mile marker 55 and the parking turnout
  • When to Go: The pools can get flooded during spring snowmelt run-off, summer and fall or winter are good times to experience the springs safely. Early evenings and weekends can be busy, so why not pick another time of day, in order to have the best experience
  • Pack In, Pack Out: These primitive hot springs have no amenities or bathroom facilities, there are no trash containers and no caretaker. Please be mindful and pack out everything you bring in
  • Limit the Crowds: Penny Hot Springs is small in capacity—about 20 feet across and 2 feet deep so enough room for about 10-12 people. If you see more than four cars at the turnout, why not visit another local hot springs instead, such as Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs or Iron Mountain in Glenwood Springs
  • Be a Good Bather: While there are no rules please exercise common decency around your fellow bathers with regards to communal behavior
  • Please Note: This is an unmanaged asset. There are no restroom facilities at this location.  Access is tricky and dangerous, at times.  Please respect and preserve. Usage is at your own risk.
  • Other Colorado Hot Springs to Experience: Colorado has many other great hot springs to experience. More information on Colorado’s Historic Hot Springs Loop can be found here.
  • For more information about Penny Hot Springs contact Pitkin County Open Space and Trails.
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